Oil, Gas, Pipeline, Gold,
You been scammed
democracy fight against ruthless Baathist regime headed by Dictator Bashar Assad. Well that political and social fight has been raging on in Syria since March 8, 1963, in fact, even since the last French Gendarme handed the flag and left Syria on Independence Day of April 17, 1946. But today brutal genocidal conflict in Syria was planned in New York by 85 dual citizenship Jews (Israel-USA) and the usual Anglo/Americans genocidal families using the Jews as cover and partners in crime. The struggle for freedom and democracy in Syria was hijacked and repackaged by the "Secret Team" of conspirators that has grasped the entire globe world's Governments like an octopus, operating with total impunity above the Law of Nations and even above International Laws. The truth is: Syria was attacked by foreign mercenaries set up by the Secret Team to gain access to areas of Syria. It is all about Israel (the Jews), Cash, Oil, Gas, Pipelines (Anglo-Am) and a bit more than your IQ can manage, but that is for the ones using the peon groups unknowingly to them to gain access to it and it includes; underground tunnels, ancient nuclear weapons and artifacts, gold and strategic metals you never heard of, because they are off the table of elements, dimensional portals, flying saucers, Reptilian and Ancient Annunaki bases and underground cities and the list goes on. That is all for the Secret U.S. Government established by President Eisenhower to deal with the Alien presence on earth, but in effect it was taken over by sinister powers. *
freedom and Democracy fight in American sense. That is a fake one sold to Americans at home and nations abroad as a noble cause but the intended outcome is in fact a sinister one, is to remove "Legitimate Government" control over an area wanted for resource harvesting and extraction by a "secret team" described by President Kennedy and was assassinated partly for attempting to expose it , a Secret hidden team that fleeces the United States by fabricating conflicts overseas, sets-up fake militant fronts,then forces the U.S. Congress to give it billions of Dollars to supposedly fight and provide aid, when in fact, money goes for the Secret Team pocket. It happened in Iraq, Afghanistan and many countries; the United States was fleeced to the tune of Six Trillion Dollars, money that was printed out of thin air. The U.S. is fleeced and other countries leaders and Government fleeced as well, worse, the resources stolen and millions of innocent women and children suffered horrible death and suffering. The Secret Team operates outside the law in total shadow of and working for the "U.S.S.G." A secret Government having appointed members operating above the elected Civilian Government. The "U.S.S.G" owe its allegiance not to the American people but to an alien race living among us called the Annunakis, and also works with reptilian race called Draco, inhabiting the subterranean land mass, as well as Fifty other alien races, some hyperdimensional who in fact are running the planet in hiding in underground cities costing Taxpayers and the planet population untold expense, suffering. The Secret Government works with these aliens to save whatever they can underground because these aliens gave them a fact about a planet called Nibiru or Planet-X that will be making a Passover by the earth causing untold devastation of earthquakes, title waves, volcanoes, meteor showers, complete break down of the electrical grid worldwide and inundating the planet coastal regions with seawater drowning hundreds of millions in just minutes. A catastrophic mayhem described in the Christian Book of Revelation. This planet makes its pass every 3600 years and last pass was during African military general Moses escaped with many Hebrews out of Egypt. We are due now for the Passover and it is a top secret knowledge only known to few within the secret U.S. Government, NASA, Vatican and few top ranking Secret Societies members. 9/11 AND THE PROJECT FOR NEW AMERICAN CENTURY; THE START OF IT ALL: The Secret Team operating now in Syria through front terror groups finance by U.S. Congres is the same one that brought down the WTC twin towers on 9/11 by nuclear detonation and launched missile attack on the Pentagon killing all 200 plus U.S Navy auditors that are horded into the renovated section of Pentagon while they were doing audit to find out where are the 2.3 Trillion Dollars missing money from the Pentagon gone during Defense Secretary Richard (Dick) Cheney Management. They blew them up away and the missing trillions forgotten by the 9/11 mayhem.They blew the WTC towers to kill all Cantor Fitzgerald and some other financial broker firms employees that laundered the stolen Pentagon cash, and to cover up the crime of stealing the entire world gold reserves stored underneath the towers in Bank of Nova Scotia World Gold Vault. After that, they fleeced Iraq gold and Saddam Billions and Bullion,expanded Afghanistan Opium trade by 1000 fold, engaged in hijacking oil tankers worldwide, then came up with a plot to fleece Libya, Tunisia, Egypt, Ukraine and there are more on the list, including Saudi Arabia, Brunei and the grand heist is Russia (again).. The political cover up for this was the Cheney-Busch and a whole bunch of Khazzar Jews with connection to neocons and the U.S. Military Industrial Complex making an agreement and setting am agenda called: The Project for New American Century, which was preceded by another paper calling for destruction of Iraq and rolling back Syria among other plots to basically brings about a Greater Israel. They are succeeding because of the way this conspiracy was setup. It was established in overlapping circular teams that only intersect in one or two persons at most. Each circle represents a group of conspirators having own major special interests and goals, yet they somehow benefits and gain from all the rest in minor ways. It appears that they all will meet their demise in Syria's grave yard for the evil ones called Armageddon. IS SYRIA'S NEXT, WAS PLOTTED BEFORE THE ISLAMIC TERRORISTS ARAB SPRINGS: Attempts to communicate directly with Damascus. When Syria's turn came up, the Secret Team Conspirators were drunk with success, they have amassed billions in stolen wealth and billions more fleecing U.S. Government. They used a boiler plate template called the"Arab Springs" Syrian Nationalist Party was well informed with the plot and tried to preempt it years ago, but no one believed it, no one acted. We tried to establish contact with someone named Khaddam ( no relation to the criminal thieve in Paris ) at the Syrian Embassy in Washington, after good start, we were blocked, no idea what happened. Afterward, SNP tried to fax Syria's Foreign Ministry and Assad Presidential Office, both refused to accept our faxes. Finally we tried to establish contact with Iran. We managed from Pakistan Consulate to obtain a Power of Attorney and even managed to get it to Tehran Lawyer in a bid to establish a firm in Tehran that can be used to facilitate communication with Syrian President Assad from their end..President Ahmadinejad was relying on Inteligence Minister (hand picked by MI6) he was not cooperative, tried to send us back to Damascus. We knew Baathists are futile and SNP gave up. Offer to Israel Prime Minister Ariel Sharon to leave Syria alone. Going back further, when SNP received a woof about rolling back Syria from the Jewish Circle of Conspirators, we had to act and we did, we asked then Israel Prime Minister Ariel Sharon to leave Syria alone until the time is appropriate to deal with it. We told him that Israel needs to make a distinction between the Baath Party policies and the people of Syria. We stated that the people of Syria see no problem with peace with Israel if it to return the Golan and even gone further when we knew that the "Rolling Syria Back" is a matter of fact from some Moslem Brotherhood members, we told Ariel Sharon who had no clue whatsoever what was conspired in New York that Syrians will be willing to share the Golan Heights if Israel to return it to Syrian Sovereignty, but will remain demilitarized and ruled by newly formed (Golan Municipal and Development Council) shared by both Israelis and Syrians. Further, Israel needs not remove any Israeli settlement from the Golan on the condition that natives Syrians will be financially compensated. The offer was declined and Ariel Sharon shortly after became a brain dead, gone into comma. Attempts to work with Washington to preempt hostile plot against Syria. After the Iraq invasion and the horrific American Genocidal campaign of shock and awe, when conspirator Rumsfeld was installed by the Secret Team as Defense Secretary (puppet) barking; "Is Syria Next" We pouted, we knew what was really going on, we had the quality intel back then. But SNP Committee decided better to start a "containment operation" than let the Jewish idiots in New York and the genocidal maniacs in Washington turn Syria into another Iraq hell hole. SNP dispatched a Syrian Opposition person named Farid Ghadri to have a meeting with Dick Cheney at the White House, told him flat out: SNP can foot 7 million cash of the 12 million needed to peacefully change the landscape in Syria. We had an existing operational plan and it was a powerful political campaign. Our primary goal was not a single drop of blood will be shed and we were absolutely confident of its success. Meaning, Assad would share power and make the necessary changes to put Syria on right progress track, the program was under the motto: "Peace, Prosperity, Progress". Ghadri got some cash and started a fake party, one that Circle Master Conspirator Cheney will use as a front. Then Lebanon Hariri assassinated. SNP just gave up, realizing the idiots had own nefarious, really evil plans. It was very apparent after all the 9/11 evidences started to compile, including Russian sourced Intelligence, that both the Khazzar Jews-Neo- cons conspirators in one circle and the whitey in the other (Vatican) circle link are basically unethical, immoral, exceptionally evil and untouchable. Why that particular geographic area of Syria needed by the Secret Team. After fleecing Saddam from Billions and robbing Iraq's gold reserve, pumping oil unmetered above ground until they completed the underground pipeline to pump Iraq oil for free, after they fleeced Libya Kaddafi from billions and stole all the Gold reserves, destroyed his Great Water Project above ground and diverting it underground, after they fleeced Mubarak from his 90 plus billion and installed a Moslem terrorist commoner of the Brotherhood of Amen to rule Egypt, just as in Libya. Now come Bashar Assad turn for "Arab Fleecing" they called "Arab Spring" to be fleeced of his Billions that were placed in Rothschild banks in England, get hold of Gold ore mountain near Turkish border, mine strategic metals, retract hidden ancient artifacts, hidden ancient flying Saucers, At least four very powerful Annunaki stock / Ancient Nuclear bombs ( used on Sodom and Gomorrah), gain access to underground ancient tunnels and cities, recover lost city state(s) gold hoarded beneath Syria's desert by the Euphrates river, rob Syria's oil and gas, and much, much more. Perhaps the most sinister of all, SNP suspect that they are using a powerful machine called "the subterrain" to drill under Syrian area they controlled subterranean tunnels that reach all Middle East countries oil and gas fields connecting it with the ones they drilled earlier in Iraq and using this subterranean tunnels to transport the clandestinely looted oil and gas to places such as Turkey and Ukraine to sell it to the Europeans, undercutting the Russians. They even have access to Eastern Russia resources and attempting to pipe it through Alaskan sub-terrain. It is not Iran, But Turkey and Russia that plays in the Syrian Equation, why Syria. So why Turkey is involved! It's location, location, all about geographical location. Huge gas fields were discovered offshore in the Mediterranean off Israel coast (extend to Lebanon-Syria). Add Qatar's interests in pumping its gas to Europe. To ship it to Europe as liquefied gas on boats, not possible, not cost competitive with curreunt and future Russian oil and gas pipelines to Europe. So the Secret Team comprising nearly five circles of conspirators launched an attack out of the blue on Russia in a bid to impose oil and gas sanction and block it's delivery to the West. Making Israeli gas and looted Middle East oil sellable in Europe, so that controling it economically become an easier job. To get al the oil and gas there, Syria is in the way, blocking the entire Southern border of Turkey. Hence we have Turks and Israeli doing all they can to get a so called security zone is just more bullshit to get Syrian Government control out of the needed areas and have ability to dig in and tunnel freely. Syrian Nationalist Party is keeping tabs on citizens reports from Hasakeh to Daraa of loud machine noise in the underground, metal fallings, etc.in various cities and regions and mapping out these reports to get an idea of subterranean pipelines locations being drilled as well as all the sinkholes reported. Sinkhole is sign of tunneling below activities; it is a result of earth movement and soil displacement. The area now in Syria they effectively control, is exactly the area they need to operate in. That is digging, mining and tunneling. That is all Syria conflict is all about. All the other crap they setup, all the song and dance at the seat of the beast ran by a reptile race in the United Nations is just smoke screen to make belief, just for the idiots to go play ball and leave them and their crime syndicate operating at will. That is all what the Syria's conflict is all about. For the [Syria's conflict newbie] few things are unbelievable to you, you will not believe it and even world famed former U.S. FBI Director John Edgar Hoover stated this once: Some says this quote was about Communism (bullshit) it was about Secret Government within the U.S. Government, called the Secret Team and Secret U.S. Government. In fact it is well known that Mr. Hover was one of the original Majestic Twelve Team, the nucleus of the Secret Government founded by President Eisenhower, J.E. Hoover was also a proud Moslem Shriner Member. There is more, here below is the text of a speech given by assassinated United States President John F. Kennedy, the last real President of the United States. Go to Youtube and listen to his voice saying it: (composed using voice2text) ___________________________________________________________________________

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